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Advisory Council

What is an Advisory Council

Advisory Councils are imperative to the success of the Dorchester County Career & Technology Center. The DCCTC Advisory Council promotes greater cooperation between the school and business and industry.  Each of our 17 programs has its own Advisory Council made up of mostly private sector members who volunteer their time, talent and knowledge to support and strengthen career and technical education.  Committee members advise and assist instructors and students by sharing industry knowledge and providing up-to-date information on industry standards and needs. Council duties are varied and may include:

  • Curriculum Review and Development
  • Class Presentations
  • Community Introductions and Resources
  • Staff and Employee Recruitment
  • Advising Career and Technical Student Organizations
  • Job Placement
  • Staff Development

An important service provided by committee members is assisting faculty in identifying job specific skills so that instruction will better reflect business/industry and further strengthen career and technical education.

Benefits of Being a Member


By the year 2021, our region will create nearly 26,000 new jobs. Currently, more than 6,500 people in Dorchester County work in the skilled trades/manufacturing and that number jumps to more than 43,000 for the entire Tri-County area.

As the need for a skilled workforce becomes more competitive, well-trained employees become more difficult to recruit.

Advisory council membership provides:

  • Direct access to future skilled employees
  • Opportunities to influence the training and development of the future workforce.
  • Networking opportunities with professionals in the skilled trades.


Councils develop a program of work based on the needs of the program and the requirements of the business community. Some opportunities for council input includes::

  • Community Relations
  • Curriculum Development
  • Community Resources
  • Recruitment
  • Career and Technical Student Organizations
  • Job Placement
  • Staff Development
  • Program Review


The DCCTC Advisory Council typically meets twice a year at our fall and spring BBQ luncheons. Councils are most effective when everyone involved works cooperatively to enhance and improve student achievement.

Get Involved


There is no cost to be a member of the DCCTC Advisory Council.  For additional information or to get involved, please contact Laura Disher at 843-563-2361 ext. 215 or