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Cosmetology students learn cutting-edge techniques in hair care, nail and makeup design and esthetics through extensive hands-on training. After successfully completing two years in the program, students are eligible to take the licensure exam and become a certified cosmetologist by the State Board of Cosmetology.

Career Fields Include:
Certified Cosmetologist


Credits:  4
Prerequisite:  None
Site:  DCCTC / Trolley Road
Cosmetology I students learn the basics of how to care for, cut, style, and chemically change hair. Students learn basic skin care (esthetics), including the application of makeup, nail artistry (manicure and pedicure) and clinical work on mannequins. Four hundred contact hours (“hands on” hours) with clients are required. Students are required to purchase a cosmetology kit for each year of the program

Cosmetology II

Credits:  4
Prerequisite:  Cosmetology I
Site:  DCCTC / Trolley Road
Students learn advanced techniques and receive intensive “hands on” experience with mannequins and clients. Local salon owners conduct informative sessions and training for students who desire to advance to salon level employment. Combining both practice and theory for a total of one thousand hours, students who successfully complete the program are eligible to take the state licensure exam and become a certified cosmetologist by the State Board of Cosmetology. Limited space available.


Melissa Brown

“It is amazing to watch students’ confidence grow as they begin to master their skills.”

Mrs. Brown has worked at DCCTC for ten years.  She received her cosmetology training through Charleston Cosmetology Institute and has more than fifteen years of experience in the field as a licensed cosmetologist.

Email: melissa.brown

Pauline Mixon

“I enjoy working with students because I have a positive impact on their lives. I feel I have walked in their shoes and emphasize that if they work hard then they can make a difference.”

Mrs. Mixon has worked at DCCTC for fourteen years and has more than thirty years of experience as a licensed cosmetologist and twenty years as a salon owner.

Vivian Hall

“I had a wonderful cosmetology instructor when I was in school and I promised her I would give back to the industry.  It is very fulfilling to watch a student grow and succeed.”

Ms. Hall has been a DCCTC instructor for fourteen years.  She is a former salon owner and has been a licensed cosmetologist for more than forty years.


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